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A short intro about LBK 

London Basque Kitchen is a bespoke and creative catering company based in South East London. We want to provide amazing food for foodies!

It was started by Monica Gil Ruiz who was born in Bilbao in North Spain. 
Monica moved to London in 2003 and after working in the city for over 10 years, she decided to pursue her passion for food,  gave up her job and enrolled in Leith's School of Food & Wine, where she trained for a year.

London Basque Kitchen was created to offer delicious food for any kind of event.

We get inspiration from Monica's native Spain but also from her travels around the world and from exciting ingredients we find along the way. We get excited with new cuisines and we love creative briefs!


We believe in the personal approach so after your enquiry we will call you or organise a meeting so we can find out a bit more about what your are looking for, your favourite cuisine/dishes or the kind of event your want to host.


All our menus are bespoke, seasonal and tailored for your event. We can also help you finding the perfect venue for any kind of event; wedding, corporate entertaining night, team building workshop, special celebration dinner, for your product launch or breakfast meeting



Sustainability and seasonality

Our goal is to become a zero waste kitchen.

Due to the nature of our industry, inevitably, our events occasionally produce a surplus of ingredients and cooked food. It’s our mission to reuse these surplus ingredients/cooked food so nothing goes to waste. We do these is various ways:

  • Create new meals for the staff (We take great pride producing delicious and creative lunches!)

  • Donate any food to staff and staff families

  • Donate ingredients to our local food backs

  • Donate the cooked food to community platforms like Olio, To Good to Go.

  • Donate surplus ingredients to zero waste platforms like Food City Harvest and local community kitchens.

We consider the environmental impact of everything we do, which covers the sustainability and seasonality of ingredients, packaging and transportation. We don’t use single use plastic and try to avoid plastic as much as possible, reusing them to minimise damage.


Menus are designed to complement the seasons and so ingredients are used at their best, trying to reduce food miles while enjoying the ingredients at their most delicious stage.

We use quality, mostly organic ingredients, from our fantastic suppliers to create creative and delicious menus. Due to the nature of LBK and Monica’s Spanish heritage we do use a variety of Spanish ingredients, but they are all from small organic suppliers, mostly family run businesses who also focus on sustainability.



Our mission

We are committed to reducing the negative impacts and enhancing our sustainability performance across all aspects of our business.


Our commitments

- Implementation of planet conscious menus across the range, so that clients can choose food that is kinder to the planet. Work with our clients on zero waste menus and vegetarian /vegan focus menus.

- Conscious food ordering (we keep records of recipes / volumes and quantities so we only order what we actually need)

- Education - ensure that staff receive sufficient training in order to support our sustainability goals and educating and engaging with clients about our planet conscious menus and incentives.

- To promote diversity, equity and inclusion through our recruitment and career progression


Our goals

- Work solely with other sustainability focused brands and organisations

- Try to use green energy within our sites

- Work more on training and education programmes within the wider community to help educate about food waste

- Become a zero waste kitchen

- Achieve a net zero carbon foot print.

- Move to electric vehicles





Our Ethos


Lbk team

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